When you're talking trucks there's one important fact to remember. Freightliner is the No. 1 heavy duty truck in the United States, the biggest truck market in the world.

Freightliner's market leadership has come from offering the best of American and European technology, developed using the most advanced computer-aided design systems and safety programs in the world. And in Australia, Freightliner Trucks have been specced for our heavier, bigger, faster, and hotter operating environments and offer the engines, gearboxes, axles and suspensions trusted by Australian operators.

Freightliner is the commercial vehicles cornerstone of Daimler, one of the largest automotive groups in the world. Australian Freightliner owners, either fleet buyers or owner/ operators, know that the Freightliner name is not just a badge on the grille, it represents a total network of customer support Australia-wide.

For further information peruse a brochurepdf outlining the Freightliner Range of trucks.

The New Argosy Evolution (under update)

To survive in the trucking business, you need to be efficient, productive and above all, smart. This is the philosophy at the core of Freightliner and one that has driven us to do what many thought was impossible, that is, to make the best cab-over on the road even better. What you are looking at is the result of 6 years of continuous development and well over 100 product upgrades and visual refinements. What you are looking at is the strongest, most durable Argosy yet. The Freightliner Argosy Evolution.

Built tougher to handle the most demanding applications, it's bolder exterior bristles with stainless steel and chrome, whilst on the inside it's a haven of Graphite Black trim, leather and woodgrain. Of course, some things haven't changed. It's still driven by the same design philosophy that has made Argosy a benchmark in driver comfort, efficiency and safety for years.

For further information download a brochurepdf or look at the specificationspdf.

Century Class CST120 (under update)

Built to excel in the demanding environment of long-haul trucking, the Century Class S/T combines efficiency and dependability under the hood with a forward-thinking cab designed to maximise productivity.

Our most technologically advanced truck to date, the Century Class S/T was engineered to simplify maintenance, improve fuel economy and prolong life expectancy. The future belongs to those who out-think the competition, and the Century Class S/T will quickly become your competitive edge.

For further information download a brochurepdf or look at the specificationspdf.

Columbia (under update)

Efficient and reliable: those two words mean that the Columbia is definitely a smart business decision. It should be be, because when it came time to build a new truck for the future, we asked you what you were looking for.

Here it is - the durability, reliability and efficiency that could make business more profitable. In fact, with excellent fuel economy, ease of maintenance and overall low cost per km, the Columbia gives you more back than you put into it. The Columbia is even more appealing with the choice of the 112 inch or 120 inch BBC configuration giving you the benefits of owning a Columbia with great manoeuvrability and visibility.

With great fuel economy, ease of maintenance and overall lower cost per mile, the Columbia makes efficiency quite attractive.

For further information download a brochurepdf or look at the specificationspdf.